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Working in the IPTV Industry is very easy and flexible, you get the chance to work whenever and wherever you want.
IPTV Reseller Business is a fast expanding market, and once you are set up you’ll be able to sell IPTV subscriptions and start making immediate profit.

Have a Legit Online Business and Earn Money

start today and get the chance to earn more than 100% profit when selling the IPTV accounts with Nexus special prices. To make it a bit more clear and give you an example: A client buys a one-year IPTV service which costs 70 euros. As a reseller, you can buy from us, a one-year subscription that equals 12 credits which will cost you (16 euros), Then sell it for the price of 75 euros or at the margin that will better benefit you. So, 12 credits are for one year and each credit is only 1.4 euros.
Have at least 150 euros and start today your own business under your own Panel.
A key factor for a successful IPTV reseller business is customer satisfaction. As it is a subscription-based business, and when customers are fully satisfied and happy with the service, they will renew again and again for months and years to come. Therefore, choosing a provider that will supply the best is crucial for the success of your business. At Nexus, we’ll make this process much easier. We will connect you with the best of the best to ensure that you will get the option that suits you.
Create all your client’s lines in one place. Set the line expiration date with a press of a button. Select/deselect categories and customize based on your clients’ desires. Create M3u and MAG free trials to accommodate all users. Go back and edit any information you desire. Set the number of connections to use on multiple devices simultaneously.


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