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MEGAOTT Panel | Best Iptv Panel

Having a good IPTV provider helps you increase your profit margin and get lots of recuring happy satisfied customers at Nexus will provide you with the best options in the market.

MEGAOTT Panel Offers fast loading HD Channels, From All Over The World, Compatible with many devices, Movies, and seriers updated frequently. Giving you the flexibility of watching your favorite episodes anytime anywhere.

Sports, News, Kids, Cinema, Music, PPV, locals, and much more you can get now with Megaott Panel.
A complete collection of TV Channels to make life easier with a top-quality.


Start your business now easily. You can control your business from your Mobile + TV + PC, anywhere & at anytime. Great server without issues, fast and secured with defiant quality channels SD, HD, FHD, and more.

Get access to channels from the US, UK, Canada, France, EXYU, Portugal, Slovenia, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, Ukraine, and much more. Sport, locals, Documentary, Music, Kids, Cinema, Olympic, PPV, NHL, NFL, ESPN, Discovery, and more are all available in the bouquets of the MEGAOTT Panel.

TV-friendly IPTV App, You can generate File, M3U LINK, Xtream API codes, MAG Portal & more

Fantastic iptv server MegaOTT IPTV the best server. Clear channels and everything you need, More than 18,000 channels with top quality channels, movies, and video-on-demand with all the latest movies and lots of the classics as well.

How does it work

Head to the streaming lines tap to create or manage all your clients’ M3U lines. Add a new user or edit the line for an exciting one. Select/deselect bouquets, change usernames or passwords, extend, and download the M3U Playlist to use. Want to create multiple lines at the same time? No problem head to the create mass lines tap and save your time.

Under the MAG devices tap you’ll be able to add your customers’ mac addresses and share the mag portal to add the channel list. You can also create active codes for quick, easy activation.

Having an issue don’t worry head to the support tape on your reseller panel, create a ticket and send it to the tech team to get help with any problem you might be having. Track your credits logs easily on the panel and find all links to download the apps to use on your Andriod and Firestick devices.