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If you are looking for a niche selection of high quality live channels and VODs then Nettv is the way to go. Get access to channels from Europe, Arabic, Tunes, Libya, the US, UK, And Canada. FHD, HD and UHD premium channels. Wide variety of devices and apps are available to watch online  24/7. 98%uptime and an AntiFreeze technology and a 24/7 support To help you with all your inquiries.

You have the option in your IPTV Panel to select/deselect categories and customize the subscriptions that you create based on your clients’ desires. 

Moreover, IPTV Resellers can create M3u and MAG lines as well as smart active codes. In Addition, you can use any IPTV Player application that you want that you believe is better and provides a friendly user experience.

The Nettv panel is very easy to access and use and you don’t need any equipment to become an IPTV Reseller, you can access your own panel and activate the IPTV subscriptions using your Smartphone or your Laptop.

Over 10,000 live channels, +4,000 series ,and +30,000 movies. FHD, HD and UHD premium channels. 

Europe channels, Arabic, Tunes, Libya, India, the US, UK, And Canad, Bein, OSN, MBC, ART, Sports, News, Kids, Music, Netflix, Movies and series get to enjoy all and offer to your customers as a reseller with the Nettv panel. 

Once you register a reseller account with Nexus, you get access to your own IPTV reseller panel which allows you to manage your accounts. This means you can manage everything in one place. 


Create M3U lines to accommodate all Andriod, windows, ios, Firesticks, Smart TV, and Nvidia boxes users. Also, you’ll be able to add mac addresses to your IPTV panel for all mag boxes users. And you can also create Smart codes for fast and easy activation. 

Manage Lines and Connections

You have the tools to simply manage all your lines via your Dashboard. Features such as password modification, adding MAG and Enigma, adding notes, extending the lines, changing the channel list, downloading, and also running diagnostics on each line.

With the help of advanced filters that are available on your Dashboard, you can simply search for a specific line and download lists. 

Channel Reporting and Diagnosis for you and your clients

Report issues for each channel with specific options for your reports. You do not need to worry about channel issues. Any time you notice a problem, just send the information regarding the channel and deliver a report. These reports will be delivered to our Technical Team and will be resolved as fast as possible.

How does it work

Generate Smartcodes for super easy and quick activation with less hassle. Under the smartcodes tap in the Nettv panel, you can specify the length of the codes to make the process much easier for your customers. Active smartcodes will tell if the code is already used by the client otherwise you’ll find it under inactive smartcodes. 

Under users, you will be able to add and manage all your M3U lines. Add a new user or edit the line for any exciting one under the manage lines tap. Select/deselect bouquets, change usernames or passwords, extend, and download the M3U Playlist to use. 

For your mac address clients,  just add the mac address under mag devices tap, select the pacgke and the channels you want to be added on the list for this client and share the portal with them to add on their box or STB apps.

Having an issue don’t worry head to the support tape on your reseller panel, create a ticket and send it to the tech team to get help with any problem you might be having.