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Owning IPTV service means that you could watch TV wherever you want, in the best quality and with the largest selection of channels. By everywhere we really and literally mean all over the world. You only need a good internet connection and a device such as:

  • Formuler Z10 Pro Max mediabox
  • Android (mobile or tablet)
  • iOS (iPad & iPhone)
  • Enigma
  • PC or Laptop
  • Samsung and other smart TVs
  • IPTV Box

4K Ultra HD Quality +120.000 Online Channels And vod + series+ Adult

Become a reseller of IPTV subscriptions and earn extra income with crystal iptv. Your customers will never be disappointed, crystal streaming server is managed by the most powerful media management streaming system “Xtream-Codes”. Will provide you with a panel to be able to easily add, manage, activate and extend the IPTV subscriptions of your customers. 100% Uptime, Reliable Service, antifreeze, Fast zapping & 4k Ultra HD channels.  

Get the  Smart tv app for Samsung tv with all functions (live,vod,series,epg…) It’s now available to download from the upload center of crystal and you can easily install it by usb with a few steps :

1- Just download it from the upload center.

2- Extract it into a usb.

3- Plug in the usb into your tv, wait 1 min and It’s done.

4- Now feel free to generate smartcodes from your panel, And Enjoy Watching…


Create M3U lines to accommodate all Andriod, windows, ios, Firesticks, Smart TV, and Nvidia boxes users. Also, you’ll be able to add mac addresses to your IPTV panel for all mag boxes users. Smartcodes available to use on SmartTV with the Crystal app. 

With Crystal complete and large collection of TV channels, never miss your favorite sports games and TV shows. You can be the first one to see your new episode of your favorite TV series. Watch channels from around the world Spain, Germany, UK, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Arabia, United States, Canada, Africa, and Many more…

Over 13,000 live channels, +13,000 series ,and +50,000 movies. (4K & ULTRA HD) on all Devices. Anti Freeze system for seamless streaming without lagging and Fast loading channels. 

Install the crystal IPTV application from your desired application store for Android or iOS devices. Enter your credentials, load your list, And enjoy watching all your favorite TV. Crystal also supports different Portals, M3U, etc. NOTE: One account can be used on multiple devices but not simultaneously. 

How does it work

Generate Smartcodes for super easy and quick activation with less hassle. Under the smartcodes tap in the Crystal panel, you can generate the number of codes you need for your clients to use on their smart TVs using the Crystal IPTV Smart Tv app. Active smartcodes will tell if the code is already used by the client otherwise you’ll find it under inactive smartcodes. 

Head to the create line tap to create all your clients’ M3U lines. Add a new user or edit the line for any exciting one under the manage lines tap. Select/deselect bouquets, change usernames or passwords, extend, and download the M3U Playlist to use. Also, get the EPG link to share with your customers to make their IPTV experience much more enjoyable. In case you need to add multiple lines head to the create mass lines tap then set the number of lines you need to add, choose the package, select the channel you like to have on the list for those lines and submit. Just like that, you have all the lines you need with just a few simple clicks, share them with your clients to start enjoying the service. 

Got a mac address client? Just add the mac address under creating mag tap, select the pacgke and the channels you want to be added on the list for this client and share the portal with them to add on their box or STB apps. Get the chance with Crystal to generate M3U free trails and Mag box free trails to allow your customers to test the IPTV service prior to purchasing. 

Having an issue don’t worry head to the support tape on your reseller panel, create a ticket and send it to the tech team to get help with any problem you might be having.